The National Russell Collectors Association

Member No: 1

When we started The National Russell Collectors Association in 1998 we assigned a four-digit number to every charter member, and provided them with a certificate of membership. We did not assign membership #0001, with the intention of using it to honor those who got us interested in Russell equipment.

Some have passed on, and some are still with us. Some are well-known Russell men and women, while others may have simply taken us to our first show. You know who they are. Show them your apreciation by submitting their name and a brief note and we will add them to the names of those honored below.

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Joe Harrison

Submitted By:
Chris Shrider

A more intelligent or generous man, I have never met. He has given me a whole new perspective on my heritage and the importance of remembering where I come from. Under his patient and good humored hand I have begun to explore a hobby that brings me nothing but simple joy and the desire to learn more - a gift I cannot thank him enough for.
Vince Croskey

Submitted By:
Sue Scheetz

He grew up on Russell engines (including the brand new one he drove home from the factory). Many a night I listened to "Russell tales" and that made it easy to be "sweet talked" in to actually investing in part of our own engine.
Earl Scheetz

Submitted By:
Mike Scheetz

I never knew the Russell company existed before hearing it from Him and because He is still the driving force in more ways than I can count in Russell & Co. interest.
Robert Scheetz

Submitted By:
Doug Scheetz

He won’t be remembered as a Russell man, he had his own favorites, but he taught me two things about this hobby. No matter how pretty they are painted up, they are no fun unless you get them dirty. And it’s the people you meet, not the equipment, that make this a great pastime.