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From The Bullpen

We are always looking for content, articles, information and photos. Feel free to drop me an email if you have something you’d like to contribute.

Please be sure to update us with the latest pictures, sales or purchases of Russell Equipment in your area as we try to keep our database of known equipment as current as possible.

Thank you to Earl Scheetz who has been the motivation behind the NRCA. Also thank you to Robert Truex at Shift2Design, without his talent and effort this site would not exsist. Also thank you to Scheetz Design, Mehl Young, and many others who have put in hours building this organization. Thank you all.

Russell & Co. Research Services

The National Russell Collectors Association is fortunate to have aquired many original records, catalogs and pieces of memorabilia. Based in Massillon, we are minutes from a variety of Russell equipment and other sources of information. If you have a R&C question that you cannot find the answer to, or would like reprints of literature,

It costs nothing to inquire, however we are currently working on a pricing structure for commonly requested items. Until then each request will be handled on an individual basis.

THE RUSSELL & COMPANY ButtonThe National Russell Collectors Association was founded in 1998 to become a network for all who are interested in The Russell & Company and the preservation of its history and equipment.

The Russell & Company was one of the largest producers of industrial and agricultural equipment in the world. It is our desire to become the leading source of information regarding The Russell & Company by locating and documenting as many pieces of Russell history, equipment and related items. By doing so, we hope to prevent some of these items from being lost forever.

Currently Working on 6hp and 12hp boilers.

Finally getting some time to commit to the hobby again. Sometimes life gets in the way, but recently we have been working on new fireboxes and flue sheets in our respective 6 and 12hp Russells. They are at different stages of disassembly but well on there way. If you've never seen the inside of a boiler, or what is involved in replacing a firebox you should drop me a note or stop by our shop in Louisville, Ohio. Its been great fun hanging with my best friend, some of our buddies and teaching my 13 year old the ropes. We look forward to having at least one of them ready for show season. Once these are out of the way, we will begin the process again on our 20hp.

The National Russell Collectors Association is Alive and Well.

“What’s going on with the Russell club?” Fair question considering we haven’t been in your mailbox, or in the show directories, magazines or even online for a couple years now. There is no quick answer, but I assure you the spirit of the club is alive and well. Rejuvenated if you will. We’ve got a new website and a new way to do things that we think will allow us to stay around, stay active and ultimately reach our goal by becoming the best source of information for everything Russell. To read more about our new direction and long term goals: click here

The Early History of The Russell & Company

The following is a letter written by Charles Hegem which was found in the Russell archives held by the Massillon Museum. The writer, Charles O. Hegem, was Superintendent of the Russell factory at the time. It should be noted that Mr. Hegem held several patents including one issued on November 25, 1890 for the Russell valve gear, called the Hegem gear. The letter was written April 10th, 1913 to The F. P. Harbaugh Co., St. Paul, Minnesota. To read on: click here